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Jerez de la Frontera
(known as 'Scheris' during the Moorish occupation)
21st and 22nd March 2007
Bodegas Gonzalez Byass, and a small part of the 'Tio Pepe' bodegas

Yours truly in the Bodegas 'La Concha'
La Concha is a medium dry Amontillado, just one of the styles of sherry produced by Gonzalez Byass

A very few of the barrels maturing in the Gonazalez Byass 'Tio Pepe' (fino) bodegas
Each barrel can hold 600 litres, but never holds more than 500 litres
- the airspace allows the characteristic 'flor' of fino style sherries to develop

The founder of Gonzalez Byass, Manuel M Gonzalez Byass
- the company's most famous sherry, 'Tio Pepe', is named for his uncle

The facade of the Cathedral (mainly 18th C), built on the site of Scheris main mosque

Three of the chapels within Jerez Catherdral

The Villavicencio Palace, Jerez
(Built on the ruins of the old Islamic palace, within the Alcazar, or Fortress)
There is a 19th century municipal pharmacy on the 2nd floor and a fine 'Camera Obscura' on the top floor

The Homage and Islamic towers at one corner of the Alcazar, Jerez

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