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AP-7 Toll Motorway - Extension from Cartagena to Vera - opened on 30MAR07
It is a beautifully engineered road, although without petrol or other other facilties on the motorway - please note.

Selected toll costs for the Cartagena-Vera extension of Autopista AP7
(Toll rates from 1JAN17 [toll-fees have been reduced by 0.4% from the rates for 2016, which also reduced 0.6% from 2015, the second fall in at least 15 years, using a formula agreed in 2002]; toll rates are usually revised at the start of each calendar year)

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Cartagena (5.75 Euros) Las Palas (2.10 Euros) Aguilas (4.25 Euros) Vera (8.40 Euros)


Las Palas (3.85 Euros) Mazarron (5.75 Euros) Aguilas (9.80 Euros) Vera (13.90 Euros)


Cartagena (9.80 Euros) Las Palas (6.15 Euros) Mazarron (4.25 Euros) Vera (4.45 Euros)


Aguilas (4.45 Euros) Mazarron (8.40 Euros) Las Palas (10.30 Euros) Cartagena (13.90 Euros)
  • You can download the full tariff for 2017 from the Aucosta website here (.PDF document).
  • There are discounts for regular users in possession of a travel card, with greater discounts based on frequency of travel.
  • It is much cheaper to travel between 1am and 7am, possibly useful for commercial traffic; not so for people such as me.

PS/ Naturally the above table addresses AP-7 tolls only over the Cartagena-Vera extension; however, I have written a post in my 'blog' which gives motorway toll information in both Spain and France, for journeys from Channel ports to the Murcia region of Spain in 2007 and 2008 which may be useful for those planning similar journeys in future.

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