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In the main part of this image - Manzana 34 (left) - Manzana 37 (right)

Most of Manzana 36 is in the foreground

A closer view of a part of Manzana 36
(in the middle distance - Manzana 33 [left] - Manazanas 32,34,28 [right]
- in the far distance at right is Manzana 31)

A general panorama with a corner of Manzana 36 at bottom left
(at bottom right is Manzana 25)

The house in the foreground is (I think) in Manzana 35

The restaurant, tennis courts and communal swimming pool are in the foreground
(in the middle distance going from left to right can be seen Manzanas 26,29,20,19)

The main office block is in the foreground
(behind this can be seen Manzanas 13,14,15,16)

Manzana 2 is in the foreground, with Manzana 1 behind and to the right
(behind are parts of Manzanas 3,4,5)

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