The image is a
	    panorama of the valley as seen from the Mazarron Country Club, looking soth-west, with the flag of the Autonomous Region of Murcia, Spain used as a banner 


Spanish National Flag
Flag of the Autonomous
		    Region of Murcia, Spain

Location of Mazarron Country Club - on Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3
(and how to get there and back from Murcia International Airport/Corvera - RMU)

- Journey time is approx. 40m to/from MCC (and is toll-free) -

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To see a plan of Mazarron Country Club, please click here.

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Revised in December 2015
(NB/ Please note that this airport remains inoperative at the end of 2015; when if ever it opens is anyone's guess, despite repeated promises of it doing so "imminently" for the past several years.)
Coming from the direction of Murcia International Airport ("Corvera") - IATA Code: RMU

  • From the airport, follow Cartagena signs onto Autovia A-30

  • Continue on A-30 in the direction of Cartagena for about 7 Km until Junction 171, when you should exit, go round the roundabout ('Glorieta'), taking the first exit to join RM-2 in the direction of Alhama de Murcia

  • Continue on RM-2 (+) until Junction 4, when you should exit, go around the enormous roundabout under the motorway and join RM-23 (+) in the direction of Mazarron

  • Continue for about 7-8 Km and join RM-3 in the direction of Mazarron [+]

  • Exit at Jt 20 marked 'Urbanización Country Club', about 4Km after the exit for 'Urbanización Camposol'. Turn sharp left on the round-about and cross the fly-over across the motorway. Go straight across the round-about at the other side,  following 'Urbanización' sign.

  • The entrance into Mazarron Country Club is on the right just after passing a garden-centre, also on the right (you will see a small white sign "Finca Isavera" just at the entrance)

[+] Please note that the map above does not show the new motorways RM-2, RM-23 and RM-3, because they opened only during 2007-2008, after the map was published.

To Return to Murcia International Airport ("Corvera") - IATA Code: RMU
(NB/ Please note that this airport is not yet operating as at September 2013, the time of writing.)

  • Turn left on exiting MCC and join MU-603 (this is the old 'feeder' road running beside the new Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3)

  • After a couple of hundred metres, join RM-3 at Jt 20, and follow signs for Totana

  • Soon after passing 'Urbanización Camposol', about 5 Km up the motorway, take the right split on the motorway (Jt 11) and join RM-23 to Alhama de Murcia/Murcia/Alicante

  • The RM-23 motorway ends in a large roundabout, passing under the RM-2; take the first exit off the roundabout and join the RM-2 in the direction of Fuente Alamo/Cartagena

  • The RM-2 motorway ends in a large roundabout ('Glorieta'), passing over the A-30; take the third exit to join the A-30 in the direction of Murcia

  • After about 7 KM, take exit 164 and follow signs to the airport

  • (Below is a plan of road access to the airport - to see a larger version, click here)

Important Footnote
Several new motorways have opened recently in the vicinity of Mazarron Country Club:

  • Mazarron-Totana motorway (RM-3) - opened summer 2007
    This new motorway, which joins with the existing A7 motorway at Totana, is now open; it runs directly past the main entrance to Mazarron Country Club with the existing MU603 regional route becoming a feeder-road alongside parts of the new motorway. Diagrams of the new layout as it affects MCC are available here, within the website.
  • Alhama de Murcia-[A-30]Cartagena motorway (RM-2) and the RM-23 feeder motorway - both opened summer 2008
    The RM-2 runs from Alhama de Murcia and ends when it joins the A-30 Murcia/Cartagena motorway. The RM-23 acts as a feeder motorway between the RM-3 north of Mazarron and ends when it joins the RM-2 just south of Alhama de Murcia.

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