The image is a
	    panorama of the valley as seen from the Mazarron Country Club, looking soth-west, with the flag of the Autonomous Region of Murcia, Spain used as a banner 


Spanish National Flag
Flag of the Autonomous
		    Region of Murcia, Spain

Location of Mazarron Country Club - on Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3
(and how to get there and back from Almeria airport - LEI)
- using the AP7 Toll road

- Journey time is approx. 1h 30m to/from MCC -

(If you wish to print out these direction notes, there is a suitable file here in .PDF format. If you do not already have a .PDF reader, you may download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking here.)

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Murcia/San Javier (MJV) - via Toll road ; Murcia/San Javier (MJV) - Toll-free route .

To see a plan of Mazarron Country Club, please click here.

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Revised in September 2013
Coming from the direction of Almeria airport - IATA Code: LEI

  • From the airport, follow signs for Murcia (travelling initially on AL-12 [formerly N332], then onto autovia A7-E15)

  • Just after Vera, leave A7-E15 and join new toll road AP7 to Cartagena, collecting a ticket at the toll-booth

  • Continue on AP7 to the Mazarron exit (Junction 845) and pay toll on exiting (see table at foot of page)

  • After the toll-booth turn right at the roundabout following sign for 'Totana/Murcia'

  • After a short distance follow sign onto RM-3 for Totana, turning sharp right and going up ramp onto the motorway

  • You are now on the Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3 [+]. Continue for about 4 Km, and exit at Jt20, marked 'Urbanización Country Club'. Go straight across round-about,  following 'Urbanización' sign. The entrance into Mazarron Country Club is on the right just after passing a garden-centre, also on the right (you will see a small white sign "Finca Isavera" just at the entrance)

[+] Please note that the map above does not show the new RM-3 motorway, because it opened only during summer 2007, after the map was published.

To Return to Almeria airport - IATA Code: LEI

  • Turn left on exiting MCC and join MU-603 (this is the old 'feeder' road running beside the new Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3)

  • After a couple of hundred metres, join RM-3 at Jt 20, cross the bridge and follow signs for Mazarron

  • Continue until 2nd exit after petrol stations you will pass on your left

  • Take exit for AP7 Almeria/Vera/Cartagena motorway

  • Follow signs to toll-booth

  • After toll-booth turn left in direction of 'Vera/Almeria'

  • Continue until toll-booth at end of the toll motorway and pay toll (see table at foot of page)

  • After toll booth follow signs for Almeria onto autovia A7-E15

  • Continue on A7-E15 until junction 456, following signs for Almeria airport. There is a series of unexpected and confusing bends soon after leaving the motorway - care!

Important Footnote
Several new motorways have opened recently in the vicinity of Mazarron Country Club:

  • Mazarron-Totana motorway (RM-3) - opened summer 2007
    This new motorway, which joins with the existing A7 motorway at Totana, is now open; it runs directly past the main entrance to Mazarron Country Club with the existing MU603 regional route becoming a feeder-road alongside parts of the new motorway. Diagrams of the new layout as it affects MCC are available here, within the website.
  • Alhama de Murcia-[A-30]Cartagena motorway (RM-2) and the RM-23 feeder motorway - both opened summer 2008
    The RM-2 runs from Alhama de Murcia and ends when it joins the A-30 Murcia/Cartagena motorway. The RM-23 acts as a feeder motorway between the RM-3 north of Mazarron and ends when it joins the RM-2 just south of Alhama de Murcia.
Selected toll costs for the Cartagena-Vera extension of Autopista AP7
(Toll rates from 1JAN18 [toll-fees have been increased by almost 2% from the rates for 2017, after two years of smaller decreases, using a formula agreed in 2002]; toll rates are usually revised at the start of each calendar year)

Travel from/to

To / From

To / From

To / From

To / From


Cartagena (5.85 Euros) Las Palas (2.15 Euros) Aguilas (4.35 Euros) Vera (8.55 Euros)


Las Palas (3.90 Euros) Mazarron (5.85 Euros) Aguilas (9.95 Euros) Vera (14.15 Euros)


Cartagena (9.95 Euros) Las Palas (6.25 Euros) Mazarron (4.35 Euros) Vera (4.55 Euros)


Aguilas (4.55 Euros) Mazarron (8.55 Euros) Las Palas (10.50 Euros) Cartagena (14.15 Euros)
  • You can download the full tariff for 2017 from the Aucosta website here (.PDF document), the tariff for 2018 not yet having been uploaded, but you can see the tariff for 2018 in the website of the Spanish Ministry of Development 'Fomento' here (and for the whole of Spain here by clicking on the link for the specific route tariff you wish to see).
  • There are discounts for regular users in possession of a travel card, with greater discounts based on frequency of travel.
  • It is much cheaper to travel between 1am and 7am, possibly useful for commercial traffic; not so for people such as me.
  • For additional information about the new motorway please click here

PS/ Naturally the above table addresses AP-7 tolls only over the Cartagena-Vera extension; however, I have written a post in my 'blog' which gives motorway toll information in both Spain and France, for journeys from Channel ports to the Murcia region of Spain in 2007 and 2008 which may be useful for those planning similar journeys in future.

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