The image is a
	    panorama of the valley as seen from the Mazarron Country Club, looking soth-west, with the flag of the Autonomous Region of Murcia, Spain used as a banner 


Spanish National Flag
Flag of the Autonomous Region of Murcia, Spain

Location of Mazarron Country Club (MCC)

MCC is located near Jt. 20 of the Mazarron/Totana motorway RM-3, running alongside the old MU-603;
MCC can also be entered from the other side, using the minor road E-19 which runs from Mazarron to La Pinilla

To get there and back from airports in the region,
please click on the links below for detailed directions:
Alicante-Elche (ALC) - Toll-free route - Journey time is approx. 1h 20m to/from MCC
Almeria (LEI) - via Toll road - Journey time is approx. 1h 30m to/from MCC
Murcia Int'l/Corvera (RMU) - Toll-free route - (*) Journey time is approx. 40m to/from MCC
Murcia/San Javier (MJV) - via Toll road - (*) Journey time is approx. 45m to/from MCC
Murcia/San Javier (MJV) - Toll-free route - Journey time is approx. 55m to/from MCC
(*) - Update on status of RMU and MJV as at November 2018: please note that Murcia Int'l/Corvera (RMU) remains inoperative at present, but that during 2018 definite plans were announced for it to open mid-January 2019, when it will replace Murcia/San Javier (MJV); the plans provide that MJV will cease civilian flight operations on one day in mid-January 2019 and that RMU will commence civilian flights the following day, with all relevant personnel and ancilliary services transferring overnight to allow for continuity of operations (to include air-traffic control, ground, airline, car hire/rental, catering and retail outlets, taxi and all other personnel); the contract to operate RMU has been awarded to AENA, who already operate most civilian airports throughout Spain, including MJV, and they appear (from what I can gather) to be making good progress in planning for the changeover. MJV will not close completely, but will remain operational for military flights. With AENA overseeing the change, one can probably be reasonably certain that the changeover will occur smoothly and on schedule, but until it happens, a certain caution may be warranted for those travelling in mid-January into or from MJV or RMU over the couple of days when the changeover is likely to happen.

(NB/ All routes followed in these recommended travel routes make use of motorway standard highways for simplicity, to make it more straightforward for those not familiar with the area. For some of the routes followed there are alternative routes using lesser quality local roads over part of the journey which may involve considerably shorter distances, and those familiar with the area may get to know about them by experimentation, but in general the overall time differences are negligible, because of the lower speeds possible on these roads.)

To see a plan of Mazarron Country Club, please click here.

A suggested mailing address for MCC is shown at the foot of this page.

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Mailing address for MCC
A suggested mailing address for MCC is shown below:

Name of recipient
Box 'xxx' (insert appropriate mail-box number)
Mazarron Country Club ('Mz/House' *)
Mazarron 30879

* - Insert Manzana and house numbers in the form Mz/Hs

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