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March 2014
  • Requests to remove links by websites to whom I have linked in my websites
  • Exhibition of works by Domingo Valdivieso Y Henarejos in Mazarrón

February 2014

  • No blogposts this month

January 2014

  • Murcia Region government reverses itself on 'illegal' expropriation of Corvera from contractor Sacyr
  • Currency comparison websites and foreign exchange
  • New Mazarrón ordnance introduces fines for not spraying against mosquitoes
  • Toll motorway charges in Spain for 2014
  • A note about toll motorway charges in Spain for 2014

December 2013

  • A Joyous Christmas and a Peaceful, Happy and Prosperous 2014 to all who pass this way ...

November 2013

  • No blogposts this month

October 2013

  • Public Holidays for 2014 - Murcia Region and local to Mazarrón
  • Murcia Region uses unopened new airport in a publicity video

Blog 'Current Posts'

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