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March 2013
  • No blogposts this month

February 2013

  • Mazarrón to reduce cadastral values next year plus other Council decisions

January 2013

  • News about navigability on the A7 and AP7 in Murcia Region
  • Toll motorway charges in Spain for 2013
  • Happy New Year folks

December 2012

  • Could important announcements be coming soon about opening of Corvera Airport?

November 2012

  • Extreme optimism (not to say 'fantasy'!) about the projected Paramount Murcia theme park
  • Possible changes to vehicle testing rules in Spain, also traffic fine procedures for foreign-registered vehicles
  • IAG (Iberia & BA) considering takeover bid for Vueling
  • Constitutional Court again upholds gay marriage law

October 2012

  • Sunsets and an early morning sunny panorama from my Spanish holiday home
  • Mazarrón to lower local property tax (IBI) next year
  • Public Holidays for 2013 - Murcia Region and local to Mazarrón

Blog 'Current Posts'

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