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September 2012
  • Bill's Spinach soup
  • Test post from my Android mobile
  • Valcárcel says Corvera Airport flights will begin "shortly"

August 2012

  • "Mummified" human cadaver found by British hiker near Isla Plana
  • Iberdrola cuts power from Regional Government offices for non-payment
  • Spain drafts law to ease liquidation of troubled banks
  • Mazarrón hotel occupancy around 90% first half August

July 2012

  • Murcia Region to ask for financial help from Spanish government
  • Bank of Spain says Spanish banks' bad loans hit new high ratio
  • Rajoy's attempt to reverse gay-marriage law rejected by Constitutional Court
  • Bonds - Italian 10yr spikes above 6%, Spanish rises even higher
  • "New co-payment scheme for Spanish medical prescriptions"

June 2012

  • Valcarel plays the 'blame game' over delays in opening new Corvera airport
  • "Cadena de favores" / Voluntary work for benefits
  • Implementation of 'share' buttons in this blog
  • Eurozone agrees lend Spain upto 100 billion Euros
  • Murcia Region obtains record number of 'Blue Flag' beach awards

May 2012

  • Mazarrón town hall "Consistory" hosts Salvador Dalí exhibition
  • Spanish government considering introducing tolls on 'Autovia' network

April 2012

  • AENA make first test flight to new Corvera airport
  • Spanish Prime Minister casts doubt on new airports and motorways
  • Corvera Airport obtains Ministry of Finance approval as a Customs area
  • The new Corvera airport will NOT be operational this summer
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Blog 'Current Posts'

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