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March 2012
  • Lorca earthquake victims still await funds for rebuilding
  • By-pass the banks and get currency at much better rates
  • Mazarrón celebrating 440th anniversary throughout 2012

February 2012

  • 'Recipe exchange' amongst neighbours near Mazarrón
  • Mazarrón police crackdown on illegal taxis
  • Frost badly affecting agriculture in Murcia Region

January 2012

  • Iberdrola and ICP switches
  • Mazarrón-based agricultural company Agroceralfer files for bankruptcy
  • 5.4 million estimated unemployed at end 2011 in Spain
  • Large hashish bust off Puerto de Mazarrón

December 2011

  • Corvera Airport - new video of almost completed facility
  • Feliz Navidad 2011 y Prospero Año 2012
  • Road-widening land expropriations Mazarrón to el Puerto in 2012 budget

November 2011

  • Spanish General Election - 20th November 2011
  • Mazarrón youth in Sunday's shooting has now died
  • Mazarrón shooting Sunday night - the investigation continues
  • Shoot-out "at the OK Corral" - or Mazarrón to you and me!
  • Public Holidays for 2012 in the Mazarrón area of Murcia
  • New photographs up of Granada, Córdoba and Toledo

October 2011

  • Plaza del Convento in Mazarrón to be refurbished for pre-Christmas festivities
  • Photographic exhibition to raise funds for Red Cross Lorca
  • Nudist bathers in Mazarrón will have to walk or cycle to the beach in future
  • 'casabill - the blog' celebrates its fourth birthday today!

Blog 'Current Posts'

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