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September 2011
  • Precipitate decline in traffic at Murcia-San Javier (MJV)
  • What will be the IATA code for the new Corvera Airport?
  • Corvera airport - it is announced that AENA will manage it
  • Spain likely to re-introduce 'Wealth Tax' in 2011-2012
  • Corvera airport vs. Murcia-San Javier: the end-game may be close
  • Two foreign artists hold exhibition at Mazarron Town Hall

August 2011

  • New mobile telephone numbers in Spain may begin with "7" soon
  • EU gives Spain green-light to restrict Romanian labour migration

July 2011

  • Corvera Airport gains approval as Schengen Area border entry point
  • Spain calls early General Election amid growing debt-downgrade fears
  • Five Spanish banks fail European "stress tests"
  • Bank of Spain to assume control of CAM Bank
  • Spanish bond yields hit highest level since 1997
  • New Mazarrón Council issues policy statements
  • Agricultural company near Mazarron goes into Receivership
  • Spain to revert to max speed limit of 120 km/h
  • Spanish house prices fall 2.3 per cent Jan-Jun 2011

June 2011

  • Spanish inflation eases to 3.2 per cent pa in June
  • Corvera airport - where we're at

May 2011

  • The evolution of the Spanish economy - boom to bust
  • The wages of sin ...

April 2011

  • My visit to the new Alicante Airport Terminal
  • 17,462 registered foreign voters in Murcia Region
  • Bill's "Broccoli and Blue Cheese" soup
  • Mazarrón - stickers and a "telling off" for parking badly
  • Innovative tourism idea in Spain: right-hand-drive car hire for British hirers

Blog 'Current Posts'

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