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March 2011
  • CAM bank seeks state rescue package
  • Could the new Corvera Airport completely replace Murcia-San Javier?
  • The first rule of 'Fight Club' is: Don't talk about Fight Club!
  • Spain approves energy saving measures to offset oil hike

February 2011

  • Corvera Airport edges closer to opening?
  • Two week countdown begins tomorrow ...

January 2011

  • Training to begin soon for future Corvera Airport
  • Rubbish hotel opens in heart of Madrid
  • New standardised prescription comes into use across Spain today
  • ER at Puerto de Mazarron health centre to close
  • So-called "Mediterranean diet and lifestyle" found wanting
  • Spanish, Portuguese bond rates rise on debt worry

December 2010

  • Feliz Navidad 2010 y Prospero Año 2011
  • I have lost the urge to write my blog

November 2010

  • Legislating on chewing gum whilst [the Treaty of] Rome burns!
  • Sam Valentine (1947-2010) - Rest in Peace
  • Personal announcement

October 2010

  • The clocks go back in Spain tonight / Los relojes se remontan en España esta noche
  • Game over for the old market-hall in Mazarrón
  • 'casabill - the blog' is three today!

Blog 'Current Posts'

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