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September 2010
  • Dispute over the transfer of Mazarrón covered market heightens with court judgement
  • Renovated medical centre in Mazarrón to open next week
  • Blogrolls - work in hand
  • Marijuana and Mazarron: former chill-out zone?
  • Exceptional waves in Mazarrón - February 2010

August 2010

  • AP7 Cartagena-Vera records increase in traffic this year
  • It's a load of bull in Spain!

July 2010

  • Art exhibition by two foreign residents of Mazarrón - 30th July to 21st August
  • Puerto de Mazarrón - programme of 2010 summer entertainment
  • Swimmers who flout 'red flag' warnings risk Æ1,500 fine in Murcia
  • IVA (VAT) on most goods in Spain rises to 18 per cent today

June 2010

  • British man abandons mother in Torrevieja hospital
  • New medical centre in Puerto de Mazarrón to open soon

May 2010

  • Por ti volaré ("It's time to say goodbye")
  • Medical Centre at Camposol currently being fitted out and furnished

April 2010

  • Portuguese "man o' war" jellyfish spotted off Murcia coastline
  • Spain's credit rating down a notch
  • Unemployment in Spain surpasses 20 per cent
  • Corvera Airport (Murcia) - EU approval pending for government guarantees

Blog 'Current Posts'

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