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September 2009
  • Converting different measures of rainfall
  • Parts of Murcia on 'RED ALERT' because of torrential rains
  • MCC - "There may be trouble ahead"
  • MCC - dates for your diary
  • Paying local tax (IBI) in Mazarrón
  • Bill's on the move (again) ...
  • 'Big boy' gets smaller!
  • Speculation Caja Murcia and CAM may announce merger?
  • Mazarrón to join Public Transport Authority

August 2009

  • Art exhibition by Mazarrón-born artist
  • MCC Gardening Group - Barbecue planned for 8th September
  • AP7 Cartagena-Vera branded as 'ghost highway'
  • Tenders now open for covered swimming pool in Mazarron
  • Mazarron protest - Friday 14th August 2009
  • Covered municipal swimming pool for Mazarron to get underway soon
  • Protest scheduled this Friday evening in Puerto de Mazarrón
  • Stormy weather for Mazarron/Cartagena areas ...
  • Mazarron Council in emergency meeting to reduce IBI for next year
  • Rumours of savings bank mergers involving CAM
  • Mazarron Council fined for permitting noise pollution in bars

July 2009

  • Seventh swine-flu death in Spain
  • The Spanish economy ain't in a good situation!
  • MCC Gardening Group - watering's the thing!
  • MCC Gardening Group - On moving a Yucca plant
  • Spanish Foreign Minister makes historic first visit to Gibraltar
  • Doing Alicante airport runs with friends and/or family?
  • MCC Gardening Group Fund-raising Barbecue - 15 July 2009
  • New Health-care Clinic opens at Isla Plana
  • Mazarrón approves water price rise of almost 13 per cent
  • New Post Office opens at Camposol
  • CNN report on problem golfing developments in southern Spain
  • Sporadic posts, even more than usual recently, for the next few weeks
  • Delay in opening of new medical centre in Puerto de Mazarrón

June 2009

  • MCC Gardening Group - it's HOT out there!
  • MCC Gardening Group - Barbecue planned for 15th July
  • MCC Gardening Group - "Flashback to Manzanas 31/33"
  • Government likely to approve surprise water transfer from the Tagus to the Segura basin
  • Hola Valencia City Blog
  • The moral? Buy your bread from another bakery!
  • MCC Gardening Group - more solid progress last Sunday
  • Flying on Ryanair over the summer? Check your bookings!
  • Major beachfront improvements for three Murcia locations
  • A mass of humanity in the Valencia bullring
  • Town Mayor fined 6,840 Euros for insulting the King
  • The European Elections voting marathon explained
  • Internet connection problems
  • "A 60 minute makeover" by the Gardening Group!
  • Totana mayor announces draft plans for new general hospital just north of Mazarrón

May 2009

  • The reversal of the natural order of things?
  • The Gardening Group put some finishing touches to one area last Sunday ...
  • MCC electricity invoice received, finally, but it contains errors
  • The Gardening Group expands the area it is working on
  • It's time to say goodbye ... (at least for a few months)
  • The Gardening Group makes further progress last Sunday (10th May)
  • Letting the train take the strain on a day out to Murcia
  • MCC Gardening Group - a second Sunday of progress
  • Fraudulent immigration ring exposed in Murcia

April 2009

  • Gardening at MCC - and what a small group of residents have already achieved
  • MCC Gardening Group gets going
  • Life imitating 'art', or more realistically an episode of the 'Sopranos'
  • First case of swine-fever confirmed in Spain
  • My shopping trip to Cartagena today turned out to be a 'damp squib'
  • Unemployment in Murcia region rises at higher than national average

Blog 'Current Posts'

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