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March 2009
  • Unicaja calls off merger talk with Caja Castilla La Mancha
  • Spain see first bank bail-out
  • A country walk around the hills surrounding Mazarron Country Club
  • Puppies found abandoned in paper cement sack
  • A trip through the Sierra Espuna
  • Four 'Latin Kings' of Mazarrón sentenced to youth detention
  • Mazarrón Council to be forced to reverse EUR4mn excess garbage taxes
  • New links added - March 2009 – p1

February 2009

  • "Blogrolling 2.0" finally promised for 2nd March
  • More power cuts today
  • A mostly 'powerless' day
  • Twitter feed added to right column of blog
  • Electricity meter fitted
  • A safe and pleasant journey to Spain
  • 24-hour countdown begins for my departure for Spain
  • Now back online!
  • Problems with communications
  • Age-old anti-semitism rears its ugly head in Europe
  • Mazarron Country Club and its current utilities problems
  • 20 per cent of Mazarrón residents are British
  • Local British charity 'PALS' donates again to Mazarrón

January 2009

  • Spanish political parties unite in light of EU criticism of its lax property development practices
  • Mazarrón one of municiplaities slow to submit budget reports to central government
  • Expect the 'sweet smell' of pig slurry in Mazarrón area
  • Bill's battle with his weight
  • S&P downgrades Spain's long-term debt rating
  • Planning for Murcia property development ...
  • Scepticism about religion comes to advertising in Spain
  • Spain's 'Sovereign Debt' ratings under scrutiny
  • Unemployment in Spain rises above 3,000,000

December 2008

  • Feliz Año Nuevo 2009
  • Nairn (Scotland) in wintry sunshine - Hogmanay 2008
  • Season's Greetings and other matters
  • Serious flaw found in 'IE' - recommend switch to 'Firefox
  • Spain to invest massively in Public Works to fight the recession
  • Counterfeit Euro smuggling ring smashed - 7 arrested
  • The club expands - Slovakia will adopt the Euro wef 1JAN09
  • Trial of Mazarron mayor begins today
  • New blog template up and running

November 2008

  • Upcoming template change for 'casabill - the blog'
  • Public Prosecutor calls for 6 years prison for Mazarrón Mayor
  • MCC - Audit Team - Important Announcement
  • Slow loading of my blog page
  • Visit Lorca from Friday for a weekend of fashion bargains
  • Mayor of Mazarron meets wth Association of Neighbours and Community of Owners of Country Club
  • ¡Sí pudimos!

October 2008

  • Spring forward, fall back
  • Unemployment rises sharply in Murcia region
  • Plans to dual the N332 between Mazarron and Puerto de Mazarron
  • House prices fall 8.1 per cent on Med. coast
  • Thunderbolts and lightning - very very frightening me
  • Accentuating the positive, a very miserable positive
  • New thinking on water transfers?
  • Things people do for relaxation in Mazarrón
  • Boy of 15 dies after fainting in PE class in Mazarrón
  • Further update - my notes of MCC AGM 26SEP08
  • MCC news - communications from the President
  • My notes of MCC AGM 26SEP08 - finalised
  • My notes of MCC AGM 26SEP08 - a progress report
  • 'casabill - the blog' - one year old today!

Blog 'Current Posts'

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