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September 2008
  • Music in Spain
  • Holding article - MCC AGM 26SEP08
  • MCC - AGM 26SEP08 - an update
  • Mike continues his 'butchery' of the Spanish language
  • Mazarrón council staff express solidarity against latest ETA outrage
  • MCC - Presidential Candidate Sandra Newman open meeting
  • Bill's off again ...
  • The management and operation of Mazarron Country Club
  • Detailed aerial mapping of Murcia region to be available to all
  • Back in Scotland – to a malfunctioning broadband connection
  • Bill winds down in Spain - if only briefly!
  • Maybe I won't need to go to Switzerland after all!
  • Martinsa-Fadesa fails to submit accounts on time
  • Location of Mazarron Country Club and how to get there

August 2008

  • Foreign resident suffers armed attack in his remote home in Murcia
  • 'Health and Safety' to be promoted in Mazarrón
  • Car registrations fall massively in August
  • Body of dead man found floating in sea at Mazarrón
  • Flight-time restrictions may be relaxed at Murcia-San Javier from next March
  • Mazarron Country Club - AGM scheduled for 26 September
  • Spain mourns victims of the aircrash at Barajas Madrid airport
  • Murcian towns get tough on 'anti-social' behaviour
  • Spanish classical guitar music - Santiago de Murcia
  • Mercadona on a Saturday morning in August
  • Ryanair trying to stop web portals selling its flights
  • If it's yellow ...
  • Flags flying in the Netherlands
  • Nairn to Spain

July 2008

  • Energy-saving measures proposed in Spain
  • Spanish unemployement rises in second quarter 2008
  • EU offers subsidies to grub-up vines in Murcia
  • Costs of using a toll motorway in Europe
  • Big rises in agricultural water prices in Mazarron area
  • Murcia bans smoking in many bars and public venues
  • Wednesday market day at Mazarron Country Club
  • Mazaarron council to increase fight against mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches
  • Gas tariffs to rise effective today by 2.6 to 4 per cent
  • 109 years old! A life lived well in Yecla
  • Sweet and snack machines to be banned from Murcia schools
  • Slovakia to adopt Euro from January 2009
  • It's a Spanish cock and ball story!
  • Rafael Nadal wins the Men's Singles Title at Wimbledon!
  • Travel costs by road to and from Spain

June 2008

  • Spanish airports may be partially privatised
  • Away for the rest of the week ...
  • Spanish Civil War photo-archive now online
  • Child pornography arrests in Spain
  • Mazarrón council introduces new beach regulations
  • Website outages and 'The Planet' fire in Houston
  • Something a landlord really shouldn't do!
  • Murcia, water and the lack thereof

May 2008

  • "The Power of Dreams". Smashed.
  • Things that can go wrong when you buy off-plan in Spain
  • Beautiful sweet music!
  • Spanish wealth tax abolished effective 2009
  • Mr "Clean Hands" implicated in Totana / Operacion 'TOTEM'
  • Urgent upgrade work on Mazarron to Morata road
  • Bill's back!
  • Some more about my journey back to Scotland

April 2008

  • Bill signs-off from Mazarron - tomorrow my journey home to Scotland begins
  • Trips to Almeria and to Aledo
  • Raffle scam in Aguilas at expense of Spanish Red Cross
  • The politics of water shortages in Spain brutally illustrated
  • The garden is now planted up ...
  • Mister Spain 2005 shot twice in Vigo
  • Judgement delivered against ex-Mayor of Totana, Juan Morales
  • Bill does lunch
  • The nuances of saying 'Lo Siento' (I'm Sorry) ...
  • Hard landscaping at 'Casabill' now complete

Blog 'Current Posts'

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