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March 2008
  • Mazarron - Semana Santa Fireworks and a sunset
  • Some photos of the tile- and drive-laying in progress
  • Progress on my house in Spain and other matters
  • PC problems - Vista-based, of course!
  • "It takes a lotta money to make a person look so cheap ..."
  • Updated guidance notes from Alicante airport to Mazarron Country Club
  • More progress today - and it was warm and sunny, too!
  • Just to let you know - I've not gone away ...

February 2008

  • English language teaching in Spain - and election fever
  • Progress on my house and other matters
  • Developments in the town-hall corruption cases in Murcia region
  • 'At Home' in my new holiday home in Spain
  • Bank robbery in Mazarrón!
  • Day 5 - Castelldefels to Valencia
  • Day 4 - Millau (France) to Castelldefels (Spain)

January 2008

  • Day 3 - Orléans to Millau
  • Day 2 - Zeebrugge to Orléans
  • Day 1 - Nairn to Rosyth and on-board Blue Star 1
  • Temporary blog header change
  • More about my imminent departure for my property in Spain
  • Some progress on my little house
  • Multiple pile-ups on Madrid-Toledo motorway in Spain
  • One week countdown for my departure for Spain begins
  • Ex-Mayor of Los Alcázares released on bail
  • Murcia - where will the next corruption case be found?
  • Sunday YouTube - Murcia: landscapes and seascapes
  • Los Alcázares - three held in provisional detention
  • More arrests in Los Alcázares corruption scandal
  • More corruption arrests in Murcia Province ...
  • Judge's wife fired for cashing in on Madrid train bomb trials
  • A very different kind of Spanish lesson...
  • Spanish National Anthem - still no words!!
  • Six years the going rate for murder in Spain ...
  • Juries choose words for the Spanish National Anthem
  • Consumer organisation looks at mobile telephone costs in Spain
  • Catholic Church politely told to 'get knotted' by Spanish government
  • Police chief's lucrative stolen car resale business brought to an end
  • Spanish YouTube - Madrid Metro advertisement
  • Pre-departure preparations for my return to Spain - episode 1
  • Three times across the Strait of Gibraltar for Spanish swimmer
  • Gearing up for my departure for Spain
  • Two more join the club - Cyprus and Malta adopt the Euro

December 2007

  • New link added: Probably Madrid
  • Bill signs off for Christmas tomorrow
  • Parents must not smack their kids, says Spanish Parliament
  • Success for a joint anti-drug police operation in Murcia and Alicante provinces
  • Vignettes from married life in Spain
  • Spanish Blog Links
  • New template launched
  • I haven't gone away ...
  • Totana mayor held without bail after marathon preliminary hearing

November 2007

  • More on the corruption in Totana, Murcia
  • Six detained in property corruption scandal, three in Murcia
  • Microsoft and Telefonica look at R&D investments in Murcia
  • My new holiday home - mission accomplished

October 2007

  • Away for a few weeks
  • New laws covering self-employment in Spain come into effect
  • Life's not a barrel of laughs for some Bulgarians in Spain
  • 11 million Spaniards earn less than 1,100 Euros a month
  • Astrology, biorhythms and other nonsense ...
  • Floating above Mazarron
  • Telephone helpline for victims of domestic violence
  • Spain and the unresolved aftermath of Franco
  • Corvera airport compulosry purchase notifications published
  • Good news for travellers from Scotland
  • Murcia, where the sun lives
  • Spanish king refends role of monarchy ...
  • A successful dating strategy in Spain?
  • Casabill - the blog: Welcome!

Blog 'Current Posts'

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