The image is a panorama of the valley as seen from the Mazarron Country Club, looking soth-west, with the flag of the Autonomous Region of Murcia, Spain used as a banner 


Spanish National Flag

Flag of the Autonomous Region of Murcia, Spain
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This website contains information about my 'holiday home' near Mazarron, Murcia Region, Spain.
The image below was taken during during October 2019, from the Calas de Bolnuevo
(above Bolnuevo), looking towards Punta Negra with Punta de Calnegre in the far distance

Mazarron weather forecast.

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2JAN20 - To see full details of changes in national and local "Water Reserves" from July 2014 to 31 December 2019 across Spain and in the Murcia Region ('Segura Basin'), please visit my 'Links' page, click on 'Water' in the top menu bar, or scroll down the page to the section called "Water Reserves" - or go straight to the "Water Reserves" section by clicking here. (PS/ There will be no further updates to my recording of water levels after 31DEC19; please refer to the 'Notice' linked to in the left column of this page.)
29DEC19 - I have updated the section in my 'Links' page for Public Holidays to show public holidays for 2020 in Murcia Region, the Valencian Community ('Communitat Valenciana') and throughout Andalucia. You may also continue to view public holidys for 2019 for these three regions of Spain, but these will be removed soon after the end of the current year. Please visit my 'Links' page and the 'Public Holidays' section there to find this information, or you can go straight to the relevant section by clicking here. NB/ The consolidated lists of equivalent Public Holidays for 2020 for the whole of Spain are also linked to in the 'Public Holidays' section in the 'Links' page.
20NOV19 - I have today published a notice about the future of this website. This website will be taken down permanently over the next few months, although there is as yet no precise date for this, but is unlikely to be later than 31st March 2020. Any further updates about this matter will be available in the "Notice" page here.
16NOV19 - (This amends a notice first published on 18JAN19.) Toll rates effective 15JAN19 for certain Spanish toll motorways "rescued" by the State from their operators that had gone into liquidation, including the AP-7 (Cartagena to Vera Sector), have been reduced by approximately 30%, and in addition toll fees overnight between midnight and 6 a.m. have been abolished completely for this sector. For most other State supported toll motorways (generally the more popular and heavily-used ones), tolls have been increased by about 1.67% for 2019 compared with 2018, in accordance with a formula agreed in 2002; toll rates are usually revised at the beginning of each calendar year. Full tariff details for 2019 for toll motorways have now been published, including for the AP-7 (Cartagena to Vera Sector); you can go straight to the main 'Location' page by clicking here where there is a link to see the amended 2019 rates.
29AUG19 - I have updated the section in my 'Links' page for Airlines to include a link to Binter, which will shortly commence flights from Murcia Region International Airport (RMU) to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). According to reports I have read, it will start taking bookings from Monday 2nd September 2019 for flights commencing Tuesday 29th October 2019. Please visit my 'Links' page and the 'Airlines' section there to find this information, or you can go straight to the relevant section by clicking here.
15JAN19 - Flights into and from Murcia/San Javier (MJV) ceased yesterday and civilian flights which formerly used it have transferred effective today to the new Murcia Region International Airport (RMU), in the municipality of Corvera, located south of Murcia city; MJV has reverted to being solely a military airbase for the Spanish air force. You can find full information about the location of the new airport and associated road transport links to it and other airports in the area in the "Location" page by clicking here for directions between all these airports and my holiday home near the town of Mazarron. AENA, the Spanish Airports Authority, operates most airports across Spain, including RMU. You can find links to it and the other airports in the area within the AENA website by clicking here.

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